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Choosing a Mover for Your Next Move

Two of the most important decisions has to make when considering a move is whether to move yourself or use an experienced mover. Being "experienced mover" and being a "professional mover" often proves to be two different things. Because unfortunately, not all experienced movers can be considered a "professional" moving company. What you want, should you opt to use a moving company to handle your move, is a moving company that is both "experienced and professional."

To aid you in this decision making process, we've provided a list of questions below we suggest you ask any company you might be considering to move your personal belongings, treasured assets, collectibles and fragile items.

Questions to Ask Each Moving Company You're Considering

1. What is your TXDOT number?
Must be licensed by the state of Texas. If not licensed then do not use.

2. What is your physical location?
If they cannot provide this, ask yourself why. Pop in for a visit. Are they operating out of their house? Do they not own storage facilities.

3. Do you own your equipment and storage facilities?
Don't do business with someone who's going to take your money, then go out and rent the equipment and space to move or store your furniture and belongings.

4. How many years have you been in business?
Use an established company.

5. Do you hire professional movers or use day laborers?
Will your belongings be handled safely?

6. What size moving truck will you be using for my move?
Small trucks mean more trips which cost you more money.

7. Can you give me a list of three real estate agents or apartment managers to contact for a referral?
Local agents- this way you are getting honest referrals with local business people.

8. What is your payment policy?
A cash only policy might be a red flag.

9. Are there any other fees?
Beware of sneaky or hidden fees that will not appear until your items are loaded.

10. Will you send me a guaranteed price in WRITING?
Rule #1- get a guaranteed price in writing...if this cannot be provided-BEWARE.

11. Are you insured and what are your limits?
Ask for a copy of the mover's insurance and call the insurance company to make sure it is valid. Call the insurance company to make sure it is valid.

12. Can I purchase additional coverage from you?
Make sure you can to ensure you feel totally confident that you're protected in the event of loss or damage during the move.

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